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October 18, 2021

Despite the efforts of HAC and our partners over the last 50 years, safe, healthy, affordable housing is still a challenge across much of rural America. We also recognize that the next 50 years will bring a new set of challenges as rural America recovers from the COVID-19 Pandemic, adapts to new environmental challenges caused by climate change, and reckons with years of systemically racist housing and economic policies that have disproportionately hurt rural communities of color.

We envision a 2071 in which all families in rural America have a safe, decent, affordable place to live by 2071. To HAC this means a rural America with: improved access to mainstream financial products and institutions, and access to philanthropic giving in proportion to the rural need; a housing stock that is affordable to all households and promotes the health and safety of its residents; developers that have the same capacity and bench-strength as their urban/suburban counterparts; and readily available, detailed, and accurate data that enriches the planning and decision-making process of rural developers and policy makers.

To achieve these goals by 2071, HAC is recommitting itself to its mission and building its capacity through its four lines of business: lending, technical assistance and training, research, and policy.

Help us create our vision for rural America in 2071

The next 50 years hold many possibilities for HAC and the communities we partner with, like Pahokee , Florida, Hazard, Kentucky, and Visalia, California. Over the next 3 years, HAC is looking to raise $7million and an additional $15 million in new lending capital to meet the housing needs and challenges that rural America will face over the next 50 years. You can be a part of changing the story in rural America.

Jennifer McAllister

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